• Just a reminder: The Christian Hackers' Association is sponsoring Cyberpunk Ministries conference 1.0 in conjunction with Steiger International (www.steiger.org).
  • It is this weekend August 12-13th in Northampton, Massachusetts. And best of all.... It is completely FREE! For believers and skeptics!
  • So check out the online schedule and details at cpmcon.org and stop by if you are in the area. And, if you can't make it, please pray that those who attend would be blessed by good fellowship, open hearts to the gospel message, and the joy of Jesus!
  • Justice Department lawyer Laura Parsky is recommending to congress that the FCC require the ability to tap internet and phone connections of plane passengers. TAP TAP
  • While there are legitimate law enforcement needs for court ordered wiretaps it must be balanced with citizens' privacy. In light of the potential for abuse, it is recommended by CHA that the public make greater use of encryption technology and voice scramblers.
  • We've reused some tracking code from our 'sacred spam' nigerian 419 project to help track down al-qaeda suspects after the London bombings. No success so far though.
  • It has come to our attention that a website belonging to the anti-Christian parody site Landoverbaptist.org has been defaced on 4/1/05 (April Fool's Day) with a message purporting to say that the Christian Hackers' Association claims responsibility for the defacement and redirect to Americandecency.org.
  • We categorically and completely deny any knowledge, support or connection to this alleged incident. Our organization and members do not support illegal childish computer crimes.
2/16/05 2/16/05
  • CHA Notifies Georgia Tech of pornographic web links on university servers.
  • All links removed! Praise be to God!
  • Update: Michael Wally is out of prison so don't send any letters there now.
  • Please continue to pray for Michael: Pray that he would not be discouraged at this difficult time as he maintains innocence in the face of wild allegations.
    Pray for fair administration of justice in his case.
    Pray for reform of the perverted draconian legal system that would threaten 1,918 years in prison for non-violent acts!
  • Computer enthusiast Michael Wally is facing 1,918 years of jail time.
  • Write him a letter please!
    Westmoreland County Prison
    C/O Michael Ray Wally
    3000 S. Grande Boulevard
    Greensburg, PA 15601
  • GNU Believers: "They believe in God. They believe in Jesus. And they believe in free and open source software." GNU Believers-article
  • Pray for the evangelistic outreach CHA will be conducting at "The Fifth HOPE" hacker conference in NYC 7/9-7/11.
  • Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed Hallelujah!


  • Christmas Greetings to Hackers in Prison!
  • It is not too late to send a Christmas card to an imprisoned hacker!
  • Please write to one from our list!
  • "...I was in prison and you came to visit me" (Matt 25:36).
12/15/03 10/27/03
  • CHA announces the launch of three new projects!
  • NHV (New Hacker Version) L33T-speak Bible Transliteration
  • CHIPNET-Christian Hacker Intercessory Prayer NETwork.
  • Sacred Spam Project
  • Please email us to get involved!
  • having some email problems... if you sent something recently and got a bounce please send again to the contact email below!
5/01/03 4/20/03
  • HAPPY EASTER! The LORD is Risen! He is Risen indeed Alleluia!
  • We've got some severe bandwidth problems, hang in there. Lots of updates to come.
  • Jon Johansen legal troubles not over
  • Jon Johansen, 19 yr. old DVD hacker, is now under fire again as the Norwegian prosecutors appeal his recent acquittal.
  • Pray for exoneration of all charges!
  • CHA Joins the ANTI-TCPA Movement. Among severe privacy and security risks, TCPA/Palladium technology could enable oppressive regimes to censor digital Bibles and persecute Christians found with unauthorized copies.
  • "TCPA and Palladium have placed at risk the priceless inheritance that Gutenberg left us. Electronic books, once published, will be vulnerable; the courts can order them to be unpublished and the TCPA infrastructure will do the dirty work." -Ross Anderson, TCPA FAQ
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