NHV (New Hacker Version) Bible Transliteration

"The Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" Ps. 119:105

Finally! After years without God's word in their own L33T-speak language dialect, the Christian Hackers' Association is proud to introduce the NHV (New Hacker Version) Bible transliterated especially for hackers! We believe that no group of people should be excluded from the Gospel message due to cultural or linguistic barriers. Similar pioneering work has been already done by others for other English dialects. See the "Black Bible Chronicles" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

There exists over 6800 main languages and 41,000 dialects or alternate names according to Ethnologue language name index. Of these languages only 405 currently have adequate translations available according to Wycliffe Bible Translators. While L33T-speak is not listed among the dialects, we will still endeavour to enagage in a transliteration effort for the sake of the spread of the Gospel message among computer hackers.

For the uninitiated the following links will provide a historical basis for the development and usage of the L33T-speak dialect. Origins of L33T, Wikipedia entry on Leet, The Straight Dope: What the heck is "leetspeek?", Google H4x0r search version

The NHV is a transliteration and not a translation since L33T-speak can be approximated as a dialect of the English language and not a separate language in itself. Thus we preserve the integrity of the scriptures as translated in English since no linguistic interpretation needs to be performed. Only a simple reversible character substitution algorithm is employed.

Furthermore the NHV will be completely copyright free since it will be a derivative work of an existing copyright free English Bible translation.

Copyright free Bibles
Bible Version Size John 3:16 sample
KJV . For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
. . .

L33T-speak transliterator programs
Program Name OS Size John 3:16 sample
L33T Text Creator (Light) ? ? F0r G0d $0 l0v3d th3 w0rld, th@t h3 g@v3 hi$ 0nly b3g0tt3n $0n, th@t wh0$03v3r b3li3v3th in hi|v| $h0uld n0t p3ri$h, but h@v3 3v3rl@$ting lif3.
L33T Text Creator (Medium) ? ? F0r G0d $0 l0v3d 7#3 w0rld, 7#@7 #3 g@v3 #!$ 0nly b3g0773n $0n, 7#@7 w#0$03v3r b3l!3v37# !n #!|v| $#0uld n07 p3r!$#, bu7 #@v3 3v3rl@$7!ng l!f3.
L33T Text Creator (High) ? ? |=0r 60|) $0 |_0\/3|) 7|-|3 \^/0r|_|), 7|-|@7 |-|3 9@\/3 |-|1$ 0|\||_y b390773|\| $0|\|, 7|-|@7 \^/|-|0$03\/3r b3|_13\/37|-| 1|\| |-|1|\/| $|-|0u|_|) |\|07 |>3r1$|-|, bu7 |-|@\/3 3\/3r|_@$71|\|9 |_1|=3.
L33T Text Creator (Extreme) ? ? ?
Antionline ? ? F0r G0d 50 l0v3d 7h3 w0rld, 7h47 h3 g4v3 h15 0nly b3g0773n 50n, 7h47 wh0503v3r b3l13v37h 1n h1m 5h0uld n07 p3r15h, bu7 h4v3 3v3rl4571ng l1f3.
l33t_v12.zip Windows 9.2kb PhOR G0D $0 LoV3D tHE W0rld, +H4T HE G4v3 H15 0NLy 839oTtEN 5oN, th@T Wh0$OEv3r B3lIEV3tH In H1M $HouLD No+ P3Ri5H, bU+ H4V3 3V3RL@$t1Ng L1PH3.

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